Birch Communications


Birch Communications brings together the proud heritage of both Access Integrated Networks and Birch Telecom. Both companies merged in Feb 2008, each having built separately, over the last 12 years, reputations for delivering great service with a very strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

It is on these solid foundations that we are now Birch Communications.

Birch Communications, headquartered in Atlanta, GA has customers in 31 states comprising southeast, southwest and midwest regions. Birch was the first in its class to deploy its own private IP network utilizing soft switch technology to deliver innovative, high quality, affordable communications services to small & medium business customers.

Throughout its history, Birch has consistently targeted the business customer, fueling its growth with a strong focus on personal attention to its customers at better prices than larger telecom companies.

When you do business with Birch, you will see and hear a lot about three very important words:
“At your service.”

“At your service” represents Birch Communications’ commitment to solving your problems not only with our products, but with our singular focus on providing you personalized customer service. These are much more than just three words – they are our way of doing business.

Birch Communications
3060 Peachtree Road NW
Suite 1065
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

Phone: 816-300-3000
Fax: 816-300-3291