We are MACC – a coalition of telecommunications companies and interest businesses. MACC is dedicated to supporting a regulatory environment that fosters competition in the communications marketplace.

Our member companies vary in what we do. Each offers different services and serves different types of customers and geographic markets. Some companies, for instance, focus on providing residential telephone service through the existing phone lines. Others focus on wholesale services or create new infrastructure to serve all sizes of businesses – small, medium, large businesses or office buildings, linking this new investment to the existing public network. What unites us all is our belief that a vibrant, open market encourages all companies – the big as well as the small – to offer better service, provide the lowest possible prices, and roll-out innovative products that push the Midwest ahead in the national and global economy.

MACC members are part of an industry that represents thousands of good paying, Midwest jobs, many of which have been created over the past ten years once state and federal officials demanded greater competition in the local telecommunications marketplace. As our industry has grown, our members have offered an increasing array of wholesale and retail telecommunications and broadband products and billing options, allowing consumers to pick services based on their individual needs.

Increased competition has also dramatically improved customer service and accountability in the industry while reducing local phone bills for consumers. It has introduced new technologies and bundles of voice, data and video products. It spurred investments in broadband infrastructure, wireless and fiber networks, as well as, raised the level of broadband services from modem dial-up services to meet the new customer expectations of 1 to 15 meg services as a “basic” service. In fact, consumers have saved millions of dollars as a direct result of competition between MACC members, AT&T, and other large local service providers like cable.

Our officers devote their personal time and efforts to further the cause of our organization. Each officer has been chosen by the Board of Directors and serve annual terms.


MACC brings together the individual strengths of its members into a collective force making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. What unites us all is our belief that an open market encourages all companies, large and small, to offer better service, lower prices and lead innovation to push the Midwest ahead in the national and global economy.


Corporate membership may be offered to any business entity, whether such business entity is a proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, corporation, joint venture, individual or other association, which is defined as a CLEC under the 1996 Telecom Act.


MACC engages in activities that impact the mutual interests of its members including but not limited to the improvement of the price, terms and conditions for network interconnection between competitive local exchange companies (CLEC) and incumbent local exchange companies (ILEC).


Telecommunication 100%
Innovation 85%
Education 95%
Legislation 85%